What better way to celebrate your furry friend?!

Gray Duck Art will take your pet photo and turn it into a paint by number & ship it right to YOUR door with corresponding pre-mixed paints!

Your paint by number kit will include:

  • A pre-drawn paint-by-number on a 12x16 canvas

  • Pre-mixed paints that correlate to the numbers on your canvas

  • A few different sized brushes

  • Print out with some simple directions & tips

How does this work?

(See detailed steps below)

1. Purchase your kit online using this link: grayduckart.com/kitpurchase. Please note what background color you would like to do. Reference examples here.

2. Submit a handful of photos of your pet to Gray Duck art at maddy@grayduckart.com (GDA will chose the one that works best for painting).

3. Your kit will be shipped to you within two weeks of approval.

4. Kit arrives at your residence & painting by number begins!

1. Purchase your KIT.

Follow grayduckart.com/kitpurchase to purchase your kit.


Please send an email to maddy@grayduckart.com with 3 or more HIGH QUALITY photos of your pet. We will only use one for formatting/painting, so if you have a favorite, please note that in your email.

Please send with your subject: Kit / Name Purchased By

Example: Kit / Maddy DePaul


The best paintings come from photos that are:

1. High quality photos (Yes, your iPhone photos are fine, but please no screen shots- download the image).

2. In the daylight (daylight through a window is just fine), but not so sunny that the face is dark. 

3. Have great contrast (if you have a black cat, you can see different shades of grey, black, etc. in the photo)

4. The pet is looking at the camera (I know this is hard, treats help.)

5. There is nothing covering the animal / the animal is not sitting on something (for example: a photo of your dog dressed up as a clown sitting in a blanket is not ideal).

6. Your picture would make a great school photo for your pet. Think of a 3rd grade school photo. You want mostly your pets face in the photo. 

7. High contrast from the background. Your animal pops off the page. You will have a really hard time painting an animal that blends into the background. Make sure your black dog is not sitting in front of a black wall. 

8. You can see your pet's full head. If the ears are cropped out of the photo, they will be cropped out of your painting. 

9. Your photo is close up (reference the dog laying in the field under bad photos).



good photos.jpg


bad photos.jpg


Gray Duck Art will chose a photo and crop it to be a portrait style format like the photos above. We always recommend a portrait type photo that is cropped at the shoulders, but if you would really like to do the entire body, please let us know when you submit your photos.

Paint by number!!.jpg


Once you receive an email with your cropped photo, please approve your photo and we will get your kit shipped within 10-14 days.



1. Can I paint more than one animal on my painting? 

Please reach out to Maddy at maddy@grayduckart.com to see if we can work something out with your two animals!

2. Can I use a combination of photos?

Your painting will be based off of ONE photo. You can use different photos from your phone, etc. if you would like to make the eyes look a little different or change a few details here and there. 

3. Can multiple people work on the same painting?


4. I want the whole body in the photo, is that possible? 

Yes, but you need to let Gray Duck Art know in your email. We do not recommend doing this because it will be more zoomed out, making the face have more detail and harder to paint.

5. Can I paint something other than my pet?

YES! Email maddy@grayduckart.com your idea and we will make it happen!


Email Maddy at maddy@grayduckart.com