Maddy Depaul

I am the owner of Gray Duck Art (previously MP Design), a local art company in the Twin Cities. I work to inspire creativity in myself and the world and create a vibe of creative confidence.

Ever since I was a kid, anything creative, artsy fartsy, and hands on was my jam. Owning an art business was a dream of mine and I’m grateful everyday I get to do this, be me, and live my WHY.

I believe we are not losing our creativity as we grow older, but we may be losing some creative confidence, so I continue to push myself and the world to find the energy and space to get creative! 

When I am not creating art or teaching, I enjoy cooking, scuba diving, golf, breweries, and socializing with fam & friends.



I am the graphic guru of Gray Duck Art. I turn pet photos into paint by numbers to make it easy for you to paint your furry friends! I format around 600 photos every month and love to stare at your adorable pet photos all day.

 I grew up in Delano, MN eventually went to college at Concordia College Moorhead, I played hockey my entire life throughout college and got married in 2016 and moved to ND due to my husband being in medical school. Currently we are in Bismarck ND.

People know me for my love for ice cream. Things that make me happy: Ice cream, my husband Theo, anything floral, watercolor painting, friends and cold press coffee!