Paint Your Pet Platter

1. Purchase your tickets

Ticket link:

2. Submit your photos

Please send an email to with 3 or more HIGH QUALITY photos of your pet. If you have a favorite, we will try to use that one, otherwise we will pick the easiest one for you to paint. 

Please send with your subject: Date / Location / Ticket Holder Name

The best paintings come from photos that are:

1. High quality photos (Yes, your iPhone photos are fine, but please no screen shots).

2. In the daylight (daylight through a window is just fine), but not so sunny that the face is dark. 

3. Have great contrast (if you have a black cat, you can see different shades of grey, black, etc. in the photo)

4. The pet is looking at the camera (I know this is hard. treats help.)

5. There is nothing covering the animal / the animal is not sitting on a couch

6. High contrast from the background. You animal pops off the page.

7. You can see your pet's full head. If the ears are cropped out of the photo, they will be cropped out of your painting. 

8. Your photo is close up (reference the dog laying in the field under bad photos)



good photos.jpg



3. Paint your pet by numbers!

You will have a road map to paint each of the sections and have a full color palette to mix from. You can add shading or keep it simple and stick to the paint by numbers & suggested colors. At the end, you will add a background color of choice to finish your masterpiece off! 

Your platter will be fired at Color Me Mine and ready fro pick up by April 12th, 2019.


1. Can I paint more than one animal on my painting? 

A: Unfortunately, no. There is too much detail in double pet portrait paintings, and not enough time to finish.

2. Can I just show up?

Pre-registration is required. 

3. Can I use a combination of photos?

Your painting will be based off of ONE photo. You can use different photos from your phone, etc. if you would like to make the eyes look a little different or change a few details here and there. 

4. Can multiple people work on the same painting?

One person per project please.

5. Can I get a refund? I can't come to class anymore. 

Refunds are not available.

6. I want the whole body in the photo, is that possible? 

This class is designed for just a headshot. There will be too much detail with an entire body.


Email for all paint by number & photo submission questions. Call Color Me Mine Eagan with general event questions: 651-454-4099