Gray Duck Art would love to partner with you for a paint your own pet event! Below are some details of how things generally go, but we are flexible and can customize a class for you!

Types of pet painting events:

Instructor led events: We travel to anywhere in the Twin Cities & burbs and walk you through step by step on how to paint your pet! To see the process of this class, check out our page called ‘Pet Painting Class (Minnesota)’. This class involves tracing, paint mixing, fun techniques, and more! We start with a totally blank canvas, do some tracing of the pre-formatted paint by number, learn some color theory, work on paint mixing, and we paint by number.

More details:

  • For these events we have a 10 person minimum, and a 40 person maximum. The cost per painter is $60 per person.

  • Registration: Gray Duck Art handles all of the registration links. Events can be made private (meaning they would NOT show up on our event list), or can be made public. Our public event list is located here & our private events are set up the same way, they are just individual private links for each party, so you and your friends are the only ones that have access to register. We works with tons of venues - private parties in homes, public parties in breweries, private corporate events, etc.

  • Space and set up: We bring everything except tables, chairs, a few garbage bags/trash, and running water. We will work with what/where you've got to paint. We have done classes in garages, decks, family rooms, meeting rooms, breweries, kitchens, bars, and everywhere in between. What's the ideal set up? We always say, each painter needs about a dinner space and a half for painting. Imagine setting the table for Thanksgiving... If you would normally set dinner places for 10 people around a table, for painting we would recommend only setting 7-8 chairs around the table. Each painter will also need a chair. Standing and painting is an option if you have bar height tables. We do not provide tables and chairs.  We will arrive 50-75 minutes prior to class to set up. Tear down is about 30-40 minutes after the event.

  • Marketing the event: If you chose to host a public event there are a few ways we can market the event. First, we add the event to out Facebook event list and add your page as the co-host on the event. We also ship 4-5 posters to you to put up in your space.

  • Finding a date: We host events Monday-Thursday evenings. Most events are hosted from 6-9 pm, but we are flexible. We generally book out 5+ weeks for public events and 3+ weeks for private events. We do offer some weekends, please ask about weekends.

  • When you’re ready to book an event, reach out and we will find a date, location, time, and number of painters that works well for you!

Kit events: These events can be held anywhere in the United States! Kit events are SELF LED, so you are the boss! The process of ordering a kit is located at ‘Pet Painting Kits’. You and your friends each order a kit on our website, get together and paint! Kits come PRE-drawn, which means you do not start with a blank canvas, you start with a strict paint by number already drawn for your on your canvas. Paints come PRE-mixed, which means every color you need comes in a container with a number on it that correlates to the numbered shapes on your canvas. Brushes & disposable table cloths also come in your box - everything you need to create a painting of your pet! Check out this video to get a great visual of our kit process.

More details:

  • There is no minimum or maximum for kit events. You could have a party of 1 or a party of hundreds!

  • We have a 20% OFF discount for bulks orders. Any order with 5 or more kits will get that discount.

  • Once you place an order for your kit(s), anyone can submit photos, but they need to note the name of who purchased the kit in the email. For example if you and 7 friends want to get the bulk discount, you would purchase all 8 kits together, and your 7 friends can all submit their own photos to and note that you purchased their kit. Please have each person note what background color (and any special requests) they would like in their email with photos.


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